• Crisis Management

    Contrary to popular belief, not all publicity is good publicity. There are times when incidents happen without warning, requiring an immediate response to the media, the community, customers, and employees.

    Marketing Works has years of experience handling the unexpected, with a rapid and effective crisis response strategy to minimize any negativity and present your organization in as positive a light as possible:

    • Investigate the Incident— The crucial first step in effective crisis management is to find out exactly what happened. We know how to ask the right questions to get an insight of the incident from several different vantage points so we can fine tune our response.
    • Assess the Impact—Will this incident affect the client for a long time or die down in a few days? This information will also determine our next steps.
    • Develop a Message—We will write up key talking points that positively position the client and to ensure that all communications about the incident going forward are consistent and on target.
    • Select the Distribution Channels—With our media expertise, we’ll advise on the best ways to distribute your message, which can include any combination of press releases, TV/radio stories, newspaper interviews, company blog, and social media.
    • Monitor the Reaction—We closely examine the reaction of the media, your clients, and the community to determine what comes next. In some cases, the issue is resolved in a few days, while other instances may require another round of PR intervention.