• Examples of Community Involvement:

    • Sponsor a local event
    • Host a booth at a local fair or trade show
    • Donate a prize for a raffle or auction
    • Build relationships with the local media
    • (TV, radio, newspapers, bloggers)
    • Encourage employees to volunteer at local events
    • Speak at forums/seminars
    • Join local business networking groups

    Community Relations

    It is often said that community relations are really "public relations at the local level," and we couldn’t agree more.

    As with public relations, effective community relations require an ongoing effort and a communication strategy targeted to your key target audiences, including area residents, local businesses, current customers, prospects, and the local media.

    Being physically in front of your audiences on a regular basis enhances your visibility and positions your organization as a leader in your field, someone that people will want to support and/or do business with.

    We actively seek out opportunities for our clients to participate in the community—whether it’s networking within your industry, sponsoring local events, speaking at forums, or volunteering at community venues.

    We also build relationships for our clients with local media outlets, securing them interviews and other coverage with community newpapers, magazines, freelance journalists, cable TV programs, radio hosts, and social media bloggers. Having a rapport with the local media is key to spreading the good word about your organization, and could be of great benefit in a time of crisis.

    In addition, we often introduce our clients to other local vendors so that they can connect, develop strategic partnerships, and cross-promote each other’s products and services.