• Nonprofits

    Having served nonprofits for several years, we understand that many organizations simply don’t have the time, the resources, or the expertise to do their marketing and fundraising functions themselves. That’s why they turn to us for help.

    We provide a full range of services to several nonprofit agencies throughout Long Island and the greater New York City area, including:

    • As we work with so many nonprofits, we have extensive contacts in the field and will recommend well-qualified people to join an organization as board members, committee members, advisors, volunteers, and vendors. Our nonprofit clients find these introductions to be an easy and effective way to bring new people into their organization. Our business clients appreicate making connections to nonprofit agencies as a way to give back to the community or to support a special cause (and perhaps increase their business, too).

    • Community involvement is an effective way for nonprofits to increase awareness of their programs, their services, and their “brand.” Being physically in front of people on a regular basis not only enhances your visibility, it positions you as a leader in your field. We actively seek out opportunities for nonprofits to participate in the community—whether it’s networking within your industry, sponsoring local events, participating in forums and seminars, or volunteering at community venues.

      See Community Relations for more information

    • E-blasts are a fast and cost-effective way to get your message out to board members, executives, employees, parents, vendors, AND the local media. E-blasts can feature a specific news-making event (a new grant, the opening of a new location) or highlight when your organization is featured in the news—with a link to that specific TV show, radio interview, or printed piece. Many of our clients use E-blasts to distribute their newsletter, with a brief introduction and a URL click to take readers right to the newesletter on their website—a great way to save on printing and postage costs!

    • There are so many tasks that go into a successful fundraising event—finding a venue, reviewing vendor bids, coordinating logistics, promoting the event—and our nonprofit clients often don’t have the time or staff to do it themselves. We have years of experience helping nonprofit organizations successfully plan and implement a wide range of fundraising events, such as:

      • Galas
      • Golf Outings
      • Comedy Nights
      • Walk-a-Thons
      • Casino Nights
      • Bowl-a-Thons
      • Wine Tastings
      • Dinner Dances

      We generate ideas that will turn up the “buzz” for the event, such as a celebrity emcee or attention-getting activities like a helicopter golf ball drop. We launch pre-and/or post-event press campaigns to the local media to help increase event publicity and attendance, resulting in more donations for your cause. Most important, we personally attend every event to help coordinate logistics with the venue and with outside vendors to make sure everything proceeds as planned, and to give our clients peace of mind that the event will be a success.

      See Event Planning for more information

    • Don’t underestiamte the power of newsletters. They are are an effecitve way to communicate the latest news, awards, grants, and events of your organization with board members, vendors, parents, and the individuals you serve. They are also a great way to boost morale among employees, especially for agencies with several locations and/or divisions. We help several nonprofit clients with the writing, editing, and distribution of their newlsetters.