• What We Do

    Our Approach

    We take a somewhat different approach than typical top tier PR firms.

    • We’re more like a partner than a marketing firm to our clients. We get to know their organization, their culture, and their key contacts who feel confident giving us news and story ideas to share with the media.
    • Our smaller size means we can provide more personal service than many large firms. President Ron Gold is involved in very aspect of your account to ensure service quality and continuity. In addition, each client is assigned an experienced professional—not an intern or junior staff member—to help manage their account.
    • We hold regular meetings onsite with client executives and department heads to discuss strategic marketing plans and ad hoc issues. We listen closely to our clients, understand their needs, and develop customized strategies that get results.
    • Our focus is on building relationships…with our clients, their target audience, and the media. We find the story “hook” that will excite reporters and constantly look for ways to generate publicity. Our well-established relationships with media sources, community representatives, and public interest groups enable our clients to stay in front of the audiences they are targeting.
    • Finally, we are cost-effective, provide real value, and can do the same job as large agencies at a much lower cost, with no hidden billings or unplanned fees.
    • Marketing Works actively seeks award opportunities that recognize our clients’ achievements and milestones. We handle the nomination process, which typically includes submitting detailed applications and recommendation letters.

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    • It is often said that community relations are really "public relations at the local level," and we couldn’t agree more.

      As with public relations, effective community relations require an ongoing effort and a communication strategy targeted to your key target audiences, including area residents, local businesses, current customers, prospects, and the local media.

      Being physically in front of your audiences on a regular basis enhances your visibility and positions your organization as a leader in your field, someone that people will want to support and/or do business with.

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    • Contrary to popular belief, not all publicity is good publicity. There are times when incidents happen without warning, requiring an immediate response to the media, the community, customers, and employees.

      Marketing Works has years of experience handling the unexpected, with a rapid and effective crisis response strategy to minimize any negativity and present your organization in as positive a light as possible

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    • Many of our clients simply don’t have the time, staff, or experience to handle all the myriad event planning details themselves. So they call upon Marketing Works and our 20 years of experience for help.

      We can handle events of all sizes—from simple ribbon cutting ceremonies to fundraising galas for hundreds—and at venues from Westchester to the east end of Long Island, including:

      • Galas
      • Dinner Dance
      • Wine Tastings
      • Golf Outings
      • Walk-a-Thons
      • Bowl-a-Thons
      • Casino Nights
      • Comedy Nights
      • Art Shows
      • Dedications
      • Open Houses
      • Networking Events
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    • We work closely with our clients to develop effective branding and marketing campaigns. Services range from a simple website update to a full scale rebranding of the client’s name, tagline, logo, and marketing materials.

      Our marketing and branding services are especially helpful for clients that have undergone mergers, added new customer segments, or changed/expanded the focus of their offerings. We help ensure that their message is consistent, impactful, and on target every time.

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    • Don’t confuse public relations with “paid” advertising, where agencies simply buy space in the media to run the client’s ads.

      With public relations, your organization is promoted through articles written about you by others. This is considered “free” publicity in that people voluntarily say good things about you in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and websites. This third-party validation is more believable and will therefore have a greater impact with your target audience.

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