More than just press releases.

Marketing Works offers a full range of services that will get your organization noticed including public relations, event planning, marketing, community relations, and more.

Our niche is the nonprofit field, particularly organizations that lack the resources to do their own publicity. We help our nonprofit clients to fine tune their messaging, expand their media presence, reach new audiences, and enhance the profitability of their fundraising events.

We have relationships with the editors, reporters, community representatives, and public interest groups who can spark media attention and generate interest in your organization. With our highly personal service, fast turnaround time, and proven results, we offer all the benefits of a top tier agency at an affordable price.

Our Approach

We take a somewhat different approach than typical top tier PR firms.


We're more like a partner than a marketing firm to our clients. We get to know their organization, their culture, and their key contacts who feel confident giving us news and story ideas to share with the media.

Regular Meetings

We hold regular meetings onsite with client executives and department heads to discuss strategic marketing plans and ad hoc issues. We listen closely to our clients, understand their needs, and develop customized strategies that get results.

Personal Service

Our smaller size means we can provide more personal service than many large firms. President Ron Gold is involved in every aspect of your account to ensure service quality and continuity. In addition, each client is assigned an experienced professional-not an intern or junior staff member-to help manage their account.


Finally, we are cost-effective, provide real value, and can do the same job as large agencies at a much lower cost, with no hidden billings or unplanned fees.

Building Relationships

Our focus is on building relationships...with our clients, their target audience, and the media. We find the story "hook" that will excite reporters and constantly look for ways to generate publicity. Our well-established relationships with media sources, community representatives, and public interest groups enable our clients to stay in front of the audiences they are targeting.